Chapter 1 Welcome

under construction

under construction

1.1 Why OpenCPU

Apps. Integration. Mature. Scalable and hackable. Fully open source.



1.2 How it works

  • API for calling R functions and scripts, and managing resources (objects, files, graphics, …)
  • Central: leverages R packages. Packages are natural and powerful container format for R bundling and shipping R code, data, manuals and files.
  • Apps in OpencPU are simply R packages containing R functions.

Very flexible and scalable R backend. Builds apps, call it from services or data pipelines.

1.3 Pieces

  • R package: single-user server
  • Apache server: opencpu-server
  • Public cloud server:
  • Docker Containers with opencpu-server
  • JavaScript (browser) client: opencpu.js
  • Apps based on opencpu.js: rwebapps
  • R client for testing

1.4 Information and support

  • API docs
  • Jeroen paper
  • Stack Overflow
  • Mailing list
  • Twitter